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solidarityCoach is my offer for individuals and organizations in times of crises. 

Especially in current times, in the era of COVID-19, rising unemployment, the ongoing refugee crises, a turbulent market economy, struggling enterprises, increasing unemployment, deteriorating framework conditions...we are all dependent on solidarity, support and community.

I would like to make a contribution to society for people and organizations who are in difficulties, who are exposed to difficult conditions and / or who have suffered a stroke of fate. *



The support areas and possibilities are flexible and based on my standard offer.

The premise for my support is a preliminary information about the current situation, a joint inventory-take and an agreement on the scope of the support.


Based on a jointly developed plan of measures, an effective change can be initiated.

The solidarityCoach offer is based on an agreement and contracted duration free of charge

I would like to contribute my competence and energy in a socially meaningful way to support people and organizations in their process of change and growth, especially under difficult conditions.


Please feel free to contact me at any time.






Your voluntary contribution

For people who want themselves to contribute or who would like to support this cause, I am looking forward to a voluntary contribution to keep the solodarityCoach offer alive.


I commit myself to pass on 25% of the donated amounts to a social cause. I thank you wholeheartedly in advance for your support. 


I thank you wholeheartedly in advance for your support.

May 2020, Florian Höfling 

professional - impact-oriented - solidary

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*The offer does not replace an acute psychological crisis intervention and is not suitable as a substitute for psychotherapy or psychological treatment.

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