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People and communication build the foundation of my approach to change and progress.


The service range is flexible and can be adapted according to the customer wishes:  



The individual, the team,their needs and challenges are in the foreground. 

With a mixture of valuable impulses, precise questions and a target-oriented process, a productive space is created to find new potentials and specific solutions.

A rigorous focus on questioning, rethinking and evolving, creates a culture of change and progress.

My detailed coaching offering: here


The objective is to strictly focus on a question or challenge, and the feasability of solution implementation. 

Through extensive competencies, a deep wealth of experience and know-how, the starting points and solutions are divers, and always focus on the objective: to deliver a significant value add for the individual, the team and the organisation.

The methodical, structured approach and the focus allow constructive, pragmatic and sustainable changes and developments. 

My detailed consulting offering: here


The offer caters to the needs of today's living and working environment: the shortest possible transaction times, flexible use anywhere and individualized content.

It is about flexible coaching and consulting, needs-based retrievable, location-independent, to a wide range of topics (e.g. sparring, feedback, questioning, guidance, advice, help...).

The focus is on the customer needs. Target-orientation, focus and sustainability (including documentation) by the coach (process manager) enable a continiuous development.

The detailed neflexCoach offering: here

For the current price list, please contact me and I will send it immediately.

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Job Interview

In the business environment, the challenges are manifold and time is precious, so to rethink and reflect on  topics has to be efficient.


Benefit from the opportunity to have an exchange at eye-level, to explore a topic together or to constructively discuss the daily operational business.


This enables new impulses, unthought options and precise decisions.



  • Management and entrepreneur coaching

  • Employee, expert and project manager coaching

  • Start-up coaching


Nurturing Growth

People invest in their hectic everyday life without considering their personal investment in themselves.


Together, we are giving you the priority to deal intensively with your own dreams, values ​​and needs. The questions "what" and "why" will guide us so that we create an individualised plan with impulses and action items.




  • Value ​​coaching

  • Personality analysis and orientation

  • Reorientation



Teamwork is THE success factor in today's world. At the same time, teams are only as effective as their alignment of each individual's competences, needs and personalities towards a common direction.


In a joint team development activity, the aim is to increase the readiness of each individual team member to cooperate proactively, autonomously and in a team-oriented manner in order to benefit from their individual strengths.



  • Teamworkshops and teambuilding

  • Appreciative communication and cooperation

  • Global teams



Shaping the future means actively dealing with change. The attitude of the individual and the group towards change is the factor of success.


This very attitude is the key factor of success for an effective change management approach with the aim of establishing a willingness to change, anchoring it as a priority within the leadership, sensitizing managers and employees to define and implement feasible and concrete measures.



  • Change-Mind-Set Workshops and Seminars

  • Change Management supervision


Brainstorming Session

Managers are the guarantors for strategy design and for ensuring implementation on an operational level. At the same time, they are particularly affected by the current rapidly changing environment.


In order to do justice to this balancing act, the workshops deal with the core competences such as authenticity, communication and self-management. These enable executives to act as multipliers and catalysts within the company.



  • Healthy leadership

  • Ambidextrouse leadership skills

  • Junior management teams

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Looking Out of a Skyscaper

People and organizations need a vision. Especially nowadays, where decisions have to be made independent of the hierarchy due to the pressure of time, guiding lanes and direction signs are essential.


The main focus of my consulting approach is the authenticity of the vision and the concretization and implementation of the strategic elements. It is important that all affected stakeholders participate in the process.



  • What do we want to shape and create in the long-term?

  • Why do we want that?

  • What are concrete building blocks to achieve this?


Business Meeting

A highly connected, global business world needs global project managers who think in an interdisciplinary manner, find creative solutions, and steer the process with structure and consistency, and adapt if necessary.


The consulting approach focuses on these aspects to ensure that the project plan is secured and the targeted quality and the budgets not compromised.


A special focus is on the ability to communicate effectively globally and to keep the project team motivated and engaged.


Rugby Players

Small companies and start-ups often grow so fast that, above all, non-operative processes such as personnel development and employee training are neglected.


Often this behaviour has as consequence a high turnover, demotivation and / or a stressful working environment. To avoid this, the approach is pragmatic and professional: introducing a framework of HR tools in a transparent and consistent manner, being ready to adapt or expand them if necessary.


This makes it possible to increase motivation, as each employee wants to know what exactly is expected of him and how the organization perceives his performance.


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Everyone interacts today with people from other cultures.


It is often nuances that decide whether the communication and cooperation runs smoothly.


The consulting approach focuses on context and practicality. Comprehension and understanding the background of a foreign culture to ensure that the exchange, cooperation and / or team management is effective.


Particularly important is the ability to understand the perspective of the other and to include this value-neutral in the thought process or the management decision.


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Bussinessman in Modern Office

Challenges, innovations and changes happen daily. As a consequence, the approaches have to be adjusted, tasks and projects have to be adapted.


These conditions are considered in my offer. I am at your disposal as a sparring partner, feedback- and idea generator on short notice:


  • Coaching packages from: 120 min. / 200 min. / 300 min.

  • counted in 5 minute intervals 

  • with a maximum of 48 hours of advanceat least 15 minutes time slot guaranteed

  • Phone call guaranteed, mostly Skype / Zoom / WhatsApp possible


Smiling Man

A highly connected, global business world also needs an offer in the area of ​​personnel development and coaching.


The content and the approach are just as in the coaching offer business coaching and life-coaching, only the communication medium changes to provide more flexibility and location independence.


The online coaching takes place via telephone, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and can also be handled via company specific tools such as Business Skype, Cisco, .... (link needs to be provided).


Boy in the Field

Change and growth has a lot to do with leaving the familiar environment, the comfort zone.


This is the offer at it's core: already changing geographically the comfortable environment to go on a journey. This catalyst will be integrated into the coaching approach to see the first quick wins and to achieve the desired goals in a real transformation process.


The ChangeJourney can be in a group coaching environment and also organised individually for individuals or specific groups.


You can find the current offers at:


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