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Corona – a gift and opportunity…??

You are joking, right?

How can you consider a global pandemic that causes death, pain, suffering and societal divide a gift?


Or maybe not.

During the first lockdown I had a remarkable encounter.

I met somebody who told me seriously that he considers himself “a corona winner”!

A what?

He sincerely told me that overall he’s better off compared to before.

I though, crazy!

I tried to analyze back and forth what he said and was still not sure...

However after a while I reached a final conclusion not in evaluating the pure facts - pros and cons - but rather the focus on his mindset.

A mindset of gathering advantages and benefits, focusing on potential future benefits and framing challenges as opportunities.

I was impressed.

“What are the three positive aspects of a random situation (possibly very difficult situation)?"

A great coaching question.

It is not only about the three positive aspects, but more importantly about the mindset of constantly focusing on growth and expansion rather than negativity.

“Every outcome or circumstance can be turned into a gift and opportunity.”

The core credo of the “Mental Fitness” concept created by Shirzad Chamin.

He uses a word which I particularly like, but that sounds very strange in the business context: it’s the “sage perspective”.

Above's thought-pattern is the essence of “the sage”. “The sage” lives in the region of the brain that is associated with positive emotions, peace and calm, creativity…

…of this “sage” we want more, more and more…a lot!

In order to train this “sage” we can use something that is called the three gifts technique.

Which kind of gifts we can search for when a presumably dire situation arises?

The gift of knowledge (what is now to be gained that can be used effectively in the future), the gift of power (what can be now strengthened for a future benefit) and the gift of inspiration (which inspiring action could this outcome trigger).

So applying this to Corona might not be very easy for everyone, especially the ones that have been hit hardest.

So here my own take:

Gift of knowledge:

  • Corona gave me the possibility to get to know a completely new crowd of people and new content.

  • I was able to increase my learning curve in the coaching and digital world.

  • I had the amazing opportunity to build three digital product protypes which are now part of my portfolio.

Gift of power:

  • Corona enabled me strengthening my focus, be more determined towards the actions I am really committed to.

  • I had the chance to shift my focus on real problems in life without the unnecessary “noise”.

  • I could focus on “family first” when really needed.

Gift of inspiration:

  • I could create content which is close to my heart and I consider my sweet spot now.

  • I had the chance to accompany amazing companies and individuals on their growth journey.

The Gift of life experience (my own creation😉):

I was able to experience throughout the pandemic: life, death, service, change, commitment, growth, love…in a focused, authentically human and slowed-down fashion.

What would have happened without Corona?

I am not sure, but the conjunctive sucks anyway.

Right here – right now – all in – for me: I consider myself a corona winner.

What kind of gifts has (or will hold) the pandemic in store for you?

Maybe this:

I am thinking about launching the “Mental Fitness” program with a second group at the beginning of 2022. If you are interested, please feel free to DM or send me an email:

If you want to get a good touch and feel about the concept of “Mental Fitness” and also it’s potential, I highly recommend you watch the TED talk of Shirzad:

For the coaches among you, I highly recommend you do the FREE six weeks program lead by Shirzad. Check out:

Photo credit: Metin Seyrek and BECC

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