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"I accompany individuals and 

organisations in the process of change and progress 

aiming towards

self-determination -

value creation-

and sustainability."

Florian Höfling

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coaching & consulting

People and communication are the foundation of my approach to change and progress.


I live for continiuous personal and professional development. This enables me to accompany individuals and organisations with authenticity and experience. 


Self-leadership, authenticity and the ability to shift the perspective are the core characteristics of successful development.


Value creation

For anything to be crafted and created, it is essential to leave the own comfort zone, pursue a creative element and implement it consistently.


In order to achieve desired results, small solvable steps are essential to ensure a sustainable result in the long run. 

Each challenge is unique and therefore requires an individually crafted mix of methods and a constantly evolving concept.


The basis for all activities is an interactive, empathic and target-oriented coaching and consulting approach.

services & offerings


The individal, the team, their needs and challenges are the priority. 

With a mixture of valuable impulses, precise questions and a target-oriented process, a productive space is created to find new potentials and specific solutions.

A rigorous focus on questioning, rethinking and evolving, creates a culture of change and progress.

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Business Coaching  Life-coaching  Team Development  Change Management  Leadership workshops


The objective is to strictly focus on a question or challenge, and the feasability of solution implementation. 

Through extensive competencies, a deep wealth of experience and know-how, the starting points and solutions are divers, and we always focus on the objective: to deliver a significant value add for the individual, the team and the organisation.

The methodical, structured approach and focus allow constructive, pragmatic and sustainable changes and developments. 


Visions- and Strategy Development  Global ProjectMmanagement  HR Management  

Intercultural Leadership and Management


The offer caters to the needs of today's living and working environment: the shortest possible transaction times, flexible use anywhere and individualised content.

It is about flexible coaching and consulting, needs-based retrievable, location-independent, on a wide range of topics (e.g. sparring, feedback, questioning, guidance, advice, help...).

The focus is on the customer needs. Target-orientation, focus and sustainability (including documentation) by the coach (process manager) enable continiuous development.


Flex24/7  Online-Coaching  ChangeJourney

Lectures and Keynotes

While lecturing and presenting the focus is always towards the audience and the participants.

Deep expert knowledge, far-reaching experience and a dynamic nature enable diversified lectures (and keynotes) rich in context and content.

The goal is always to address and inspire each individual to go a step further for themselves.


Leadership  Self-leadership  Change  International Business  Intercultural Business and Management

company references & testimonials

"Florian Höfling advises me and my company on topics regarding organizational development and leadership. He uncovers hidden, personal as well as professional, development potential and supports in a pragmiatic and calm manner to utilise them. This enables the joint work to be sustainable by implementing action items step-by-step in the daily business. Florian Höfling does not whitewash nor correct; he encourages to go one's own way as a leader. 

Elisabeth Bröring

Managing Director

MWT GmbH & Co. KG


"With dynamic workshops based on his experience, Florian Höfling as coach and facilitator was able to perfectly prepare the middle management of the Fiege Group for upcoming changes within the company, namely the introduction of a cross-sectoral Lean Management Roadmap. Proactivity, self-responsibility, flat hierarchies...with Florian as team developer change towards "new work" makes sense and brings joy.  

Hannes Streeck

Managing Director

Fiege Logistik Stiftung & Co. KG

Business Unit Consumer Goods & Retail 

"Florian Höfling works with such a great energy and incredibly focused, he is trustworthy, creates closeness and has managed to get the whole team and me excited right away about our common development."


Benjamin Scholz


EL-NET Group

„To experience Florian Höfling in his talks is always pure inspiration and dynamism!"

Björn Hahner


Bildungsinstitut für Beruf und Arbeit


"Florian Höfling is a very dedicated and motivating speaker. He comprehensively masters his topics of cultural and business management in the globalised economy...I can warmly recommend Florian as a speaker / guest-speaker for an academic and business audience."

Dr. Daniel Lo

Associate Professor

Fu Jen Catholic University

"I got to know Florian at a event where he was giving a talk. He is a great speaker, capable to explain things easily, motivate, tell a story and be an inspiring role model. During last year he was coaching me while I was in a transition period with my jobs. He is a very nice and generous person, always encouraging, positive, great in asking good questions and ready to give smart advice. I would definitely recommend him to anyone searching for support, professional coaching and guidance."

Anna Lebedeva

Productmanager, Yoga Teacher

Freelance Consultant 

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